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Web Site vs. Events

Is it better to buy things from us in person at events or to buy from the web site? Both have their advantages. I know most businesses won't talk about why you should buy from them one way versus the other, but our customers already know that we are not like most businesses.


Advantages for buying from us at an Event

You get to see the items up close and personal. In person you get to see and feel the quality of each item before you buy it.

We will have things at these events that we won't have on the web site. Sometimes we will get a limited number of a certain product and when we're sold out, we're sold out. There won't be a reorder or restocking. This normally happens when we get a special price break or are testing an item's popularity.

Even though the prices on the web site are the same as at an event, sometimes we will have a sale on something just for that event. Once the event is over, so is the special price.

Buying from us at an event means you have the item right then and there no matter where you are from. At this time we are only shipping to United States addresses. Later on we will be shipping international but not right now.

When you buy from us at an event, there is no shipping fee. Even though we charge very little (depending on weight) it is still something to think about.

The number one reason to buy from us at an event... You get to see our smiling faces.

Advantages for buying from the Web Site

You can shop any time you want; day or night, rain or shine. That is a fantastic advantage over an event. We are easy to find and the web site is up and running almost 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

You can find items that we carry now, are planning to carry, or can order for you in any amount. This means that our selection on the web site is not only different but also larger.

On the web site there's no rush for you to order. If we sell out of an item, all we have to do is make a quick phone call to get a new shipment. There is always a small chance we will be told that it's back-ordered or discontinued. If this should ever happen we will contact you as soon as we know and do our best to make it right by you.

At an event when you buy something you end up carrying it with you for the rest of the day. When you get it from the web site we ship it to your home, your business, a friend or relative's place, or anywhere else in the United States.

There is no entrance fee to view our online store. Most of the events we do charge an entrance fee. It has been as low as $1.00 and as high as $45.00 per person. The higher fees are normally at special events for "club" members.

Before we send any item, we take the time to open its box or container and do a quality check for you. This way we know you are getting an item free of factory defects and problems. However there are a few items that we can not do this to but those are the rare exceptions.

Our solution:

If you are going to be at an event that we are, then stop by and check out the quality of our products. That way when you see things on are site you'll have a better idea of what you are getting.

If the event is in your area and there's a small entrance fee or if you think it might be a fun event for you, then go to the event, have a good time and stop by and say hi.

However if can't get to an event that we are attending, do the next best thing. Order just one item from us. This way you can find out about the quality of that item and how we do business. Regardless of your choice we would like to thank you for your business and support.

Thank you, from everyone at Gifts From Atlantis.