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We still have a lot of work to do here, so please be patient with us.  Our shopping cart and store is now open.


Please check out the tab "Important Information" before buying.  There are a few things about our shipping charges you should be made aware of.


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Important information about our shipping charges.


In setting up an online store, shipping charges are the most difficult part of it.  Unlike other stores we have very lightweight items such as stickers to very heavy items such as mugs and our customer base stretches from one side of the country to the other, so a one-size-fits-all price structure is very difficult.  To keep things as simple as possible while still trying to be as fair as possible the shipping cost is based on the types of items purchased.

For example, the shipping cost for stickers is $0.50 regardless of quantity so if you order one sticker it will be $0.50 and if you order 100 stickers it will still only be $0.50.  If different types of items are in the same order the highest shipping charge applies.  So if somebody ordered two stickers, a keychain, and a sterling silver charm, their shipping cost will only be $1.50 since the sterling silver charm has the highest item shipping cost for those items.

In the future there will be a few items that will have an additional shipping cost included per item ordered or based on its weight.  When this happens we will note it in this section and explain which items are effected by this new practice.  If you have any questions please contact us and we will try to explain it better.

We ship our products by way of the United States Postal Service (USPS) the majority of the time.  Listed below is the cost of each item type:

  • SCA Stickers $0.50
  • Sterling Silver Jewelry $1.50
  • Stainless Steel Jewelry $2.00
  • 3-D Puzzles - Small $7.00
  • 3-D Puzzles - Medium $7.00
  • 3-D Puzzles - Mini $1.00
  • Pirate Keychains $0.75
  • Pirate Magnets $0.75
  • Pirate Stickers $0.50


Due to their weight the Pirate mugs shipping cost is based on poundage.  For some this might seem a little high while to others will it might be a little low.  If you live in the Greater Seattle/Eastside area of Washington, please contact us for a better rate.