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Refund & Return

Our thoughts on this are very simple. If you as a customer are not happy with your purchase, then we do not want you to have it. We will, within reason, do what we can to make all transactions a pleasant experience.

Depending on the reason for the return or refund request is what our policy and action will be. If the problem is that the item was recieved damaged then please see the section "Damaged".  Partial refunds are available for multiple-item orders.

There four simple steps:


  • Contact us.
  • Wait for us to get back to you.
  • Return the items.
  • Refund or Exchange.

By following the steps below, this will help us make your return and/or refund as smooth as possible.

1. Contact us with in 30 day of purchase and tell us what the problem is. After 30 days, refunds or exchanges will not be given.

Write to us at or send a paper letter to:

Gifts From Atlantis
P.O. Box 3472
Bellevue WA 98009

Incomplete refund requests will NOT be accepted, so PLEASE provide all the information we need to complete your request. You will need to include the following information:

    Your name
    The name and product number of the item
    The order number and/or date it was ordered
    The problem with the item

2. Wait for us to get back to you. If you sent us an e-mail then it should take no longer than 2-3 business days. If you mailed us a letter, then it could take 2-3 weeks. We will need to give you the address to send it to, as well as other information. Please do not send back any packages or items until we contact you. Packages sent to us without our approval will cause a serious delay in the refund process.

3. All items must be returned in like-new condition including their containers (if applicable), as determined by us before the refund or exchange is issued. These items must be received by us or our agents within 10 days of us sending you our return shipping address for your refund or exchange to be granted.

4. Refunds will be issued either by a company check or payment on your PayPal account. This will all depend on your method of payment. Refunds will be for the purchase price only, which does not include the cost of shipping and handling. The cost of shipping it back to us is the responsibility of the customer.

5. Exchanges are possible. Instead of a refund you can choose an exchange. For this to take place, you must ask for it before you send back your purchase and we must agree to it.

If the item being returned has a larger purchase price than the item you want to exchange it for, the difference will be applied to the cost of shipping, handling and taxes (if any). Any amout over this will be refunded.

If the item being returned has a smaller purchase price than the item you want to exchange it for, then you will need to send payment for the difference. This amount will also need to include enough for the cost of shipping, handling and taxes (if any).