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SCA Stickers FAQ

What is the SCA and what are these stickers for?

SCA is short for Society for Creative Anachronism. Quoting from its home page "The SCA is an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe."

There are 19 stickers that represent the devices from each Kingdom (or region) and 1 for the organization itself.

For more information on the SCA go to

Why do the stickers have "Gifts From Atlantis" across the face of them?

This is done to help protect the artist's work from being copied and used without his permission on the internet. Our name is only on the these pictures, not the actual sticker.

Where can I go to see the devices without your name across it?

There are many places that you can find pictures of these devices. One of the first places to look is at All the Kingdoms are listed on this page. Just click on the Kingdom you're interested and it will take you to that Kingdom's Home page. Also on that same page is listed the areas for each Kingdom.

How can the artist copyright the Kingdoms' devices?

A blazon of a device is a written description. These stickers are the artist's original artwork based on his interpretation of that blazon.

Will the artist print Principalities or Baronial devices?

No. He uses high-quality screen printing to produce the stickers. The quantities and distribution are too small to make them economical. For small quantities he suggests using the "Thermal Transfer" method available at sign makers.

Why doesn't he print Populace badges rather than the Kingdoms' devices?

The simple answer is the Kingdom devices look better and are more recognizable than the Populace badges.

Some kingdoms restrict the Kingdom device to the exclusive use of King & Queen, leaving another device or badge for the populace. Other kingdoms are not so restrictive. For example the Kingdom of An Tir sold mugs with the kingdom device to benefit the Royal Travel Fund.

"See Beautiful British Columbia" on the back of a car was the inspiration for making the kingdoms' stickers.

What is Gifts From Atlantis's connection to the SCA?

The only connection is that the owners are members of this organization, just like over 30,000 others, world wide. Gifts From Atlantis is a privately-owned business that sometimes sets up at SCA and other events.

On a personal note, we (the owners of Gifts From Atlantis) have two thoughts about the Kingdom stickers.

In the game world of the SCA, these devices represent the King and Queen of that land. By having it on our vehicle we are saying that our car or truck and it's driver is at their service. So if at an event the King or Queen needed a ride somewhere (and either one of us was available), we would gladly do so. Back in the olden days, royalty could just take anything they wanted. So in today's world, we're letting them know it would be ok to say "You there, I'm the King (or Queen), I have need for your vehicle, take me to town." This is one of the ways we willing to play the game. Others may not agree to play this way.

In the real world, it's our car and truck. If anything is going to put anything on them, like a sticker, it needs to look good, be recognizable for what it is and have meaning.

Again, these are our thoughts and we know not everyone will agree with us, and that's OK. If you want to get a sticker and slap it on your car because it matches the paint job, that's your choice. If you feel that it's not appropriate for anyone other that the King or Queen to display the Kingdom device, that's OK too. Maybe someday the Populace badges will look half as good as these and if someone makes them, maybe we will carry them as well.